Thursday, 9 August 2012

Self Learning

Why would you even want yourself to become a self-learner?
1. We becomes an independent thinker and learns to accept responsibility for our every act or decision that makes us more responsible and sober towards life and its matter.It help us gain the freedom to learn without restrictions and that is the best source of learning in my experiance ! It make us earn accountability! Moreover, as the human nature drives, intrinsic rewards become the focus, that good feeling inside that comes from within that a job is well done which boosts positivity as theres nothing else soothing than a satisfaction!

Self-learning is largely helpful for students as these qualities which are mentioned are crafted in students growing mind and abilities, their potentials and learning skills hone very well and it helps them to learn the best they can.

Stop spoon feeding yourself or your children! and let explore the world with all by self!! :)

What do you say?

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