Sunday, 12 August 2012

Patience Empowers

Patience wins the race!

Seemingly hard to learn and achieve the sweetness of patience, we the human beings are created with an impulse that may lead us away from the true postivities, thats what we call ' a trial' - is the life! And like all those actual beautiful things in the world are to be attained with 'patience' and poise. How to do this? Well, impatience has to do with your own perceptions, lacking self-control and unable to recognise the reason of why you are getting impatient? When you get hold of these issues and give yourself some extra time besides inhaling few deep breaths, you will as you have entered into an open field with chirping birds and your free soul just wander around and enjoy every single moment with slow motion! And then and only then you will begin to yield the gifts of patience all through your life, which are enormous, really.
"Patience will achieve more than force" - very well said.

Patience is the art of hoping, and hope stands the world around us. Every noble mind you would study have grown up with things and situations which made them a strong individual with great thinkings and theories that turned the world. How? with patience..with their abilities, with their perseverence, with belief, with confidence and created history!

At the bottom of patience is Heaven.

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