Thursday, 3 May 2012

Who are you?

Many times I see people who are stressed out, unhappy, overwhelmed, angry and afraid. I have to ask myself “What isn’t working?” Then I see people who are happy, self-aware, and enjoying their life. I have to ask myself, “What is working?” The interesting thing is, from outer appearances, there is no reason really as to who is happy and who isn’t. 

The one common fact that is found in all of the happy people and lacking in the unhappy people is a sense of self, the acceptance of who they are. The happy ones do not want to be different; they do not want their life to be different. They are enjoying what they have and don’t care about what they don’t have. They understand that they are constantly growing and changing. They are doing the best they can and that is good enough. They do not look for validation outside of themselves and do not care what anybody else thinks about them!

It is only when you have let go of everything in this moment that you realize enlightenment. In the relinquishment of your idea of who you are, what you know and how things are supposed to be, when your self image has been broken, then there is stillness; then automatically unconditional love, peace and bliss shine forth out of every pore of your being and you discover your true nature. And this i call the true success!

It is very rightly said that where you are is the result of all your past decisions. Who you are is the result of the decision you make from one moment to the next. Probably the most valuable asset we have is our smile. When we can smile in the face of challenges and fear, we will always win and be happy. When we can smile through pain and despair, we are the winner.

When you find yourself without an answer, then you are moving in the right direction.

Keep smiling! :)

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