Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Purity - that matters !

Like a beautiful hot air balloon. If you are weighed down with sandbags and rope, how can you ever get off the ground? With each dead weight you throw out and every tie you cut, you will feel your soul get lighter!

Soul is the entity that controls both the body and mind. When man learns to connect to the soul that lies within, he can attain ultimate purity of the body and mind. Our body and mind are like the water that falls from the clouds. The two have a natural tendency to go downward. Just as through the heat of the sun, water is turned into vapor and is able to rise upward, even so, the body and mind are drawn upward and become pure when spiritual purity is attained. The elevated state is obtained through the constant practice of eternal meditation.

By attaining spiritual purity only, we can make our life truly beautiful. We are surrounded by frequencies of enlightment, for our guidence,  always, but in order to catch and transmit  them, we need to be effective devices!

"I pray thee, O Allah, that I may be beautiful within."

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